This Is How This Is Going To Go…

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You are going to hurt like hell

So one day you can fully embrace happiness.

You are going to lose it all – friends, love, material things, everything

So whats meant to be, has room to attach to a welcoming soul.

You are going to cry, cry like you have never cried before, so hard you can’t breathe

So when that smile comes, it lights up every room you walk in.

You are going to sit alone, in your emotions, in your mess for a very long time

So in time, you finally realize what self love is really all about.

You are going to be brought to your knees, then to rock bottom

So one day when you are at the top, you’ll extend grace to others.

You are going to make some terrible decisions, decisions that make you appear crazy to some

So one day you will never place yourself in situations where you feel out of control.

You are going to feel unloved, unwanted and unworthy

So one day you will stop freely handing out every ounce of your being to just anyone.

You are going to experience all of this to its fullest extent and you are going to want to give up

So that one day you will look back and see just how strong you truly are.

So this is how it’s going to go. Welcome it, feel it and then release it. It is all very heavy and no longer yours to carry. After all, your strongest people were once found face down on their bathroom floor in a puddle of tears gripping onto life by a thread. This is your time to fail and then rise again. Strength and success comes to those that choose to put in the work. Now go work your ass off, your best life awaits you…..

Single Handedly…Single

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Be yourself there is no one better

Today was my first Valentines day alone in about 20 years. I never really got into Valentines Day, my view was send me flowers any other day of the year when I know I have really crossed your mind. It’s a money making holiday and nothing more. It’s a time when social media is flooded with pictures of flowers, gifts and food. It’s pretty fake I must add.

Today I have noticed several post of couples acting like everything is together and posting their pretty flower pictures and their I love you’s. All falling into the trap of conforming to what society is herding you into. In the meantime, I have several I can point out who one or the other is being unfaithful, and yes I have facts to back that up, yet they made their post to seem like they just fell in love this morning. Makes me want to roll my eyes back in my head. Sorry, but I really want to call your ass out, but I won’t. You will self destruct before long. Just another realization of why you never believe or compare yourself to any other person on that screen your looking at.

This Valentines I chose to sit with myself. Sit with my emotions of missing a certain man. I chose to let the emotions come, feel them and then release them back. I chose today to love on and show kindness to anyone that crossed my path today. Why? because for a one reason. There has been a time I have been told I am no longer loved, no longer worthy, no longer wanted and I wanted to remind the ones that may be in that same position that now is the time to find self love and self care. Never to place your whole being into someone that doesn’t match your effort.

So today I sat in my mess of emotions. I welcomed them and I felt them. I passed the man I was missing on the road today. It got me….right in the gut. How coincidence was that? Haven’t spoken to him or seen him weeks and here we are on a country road passing each other. That was just divine intervention…..but not the intervention where he comes and chases down the girl and tells her he misses her so much. That never happens to me, I have always been the chaser. It was the type of intervention that reminded me that I am okay. That what I thought I couldn’t survive, I have survived and grown. Thankfully now, because I have learned how to be alone and sit and work through any emotions, I was able to come home excuse myself to feel that sadness, acknowledge it and then move on with my evening.

I’ll leave you with one piece of advice. Hold dearly onto your worth, your identity, your confidence. The second you place it in someone else’s hands because you’re trying so hard to show them how much you love and care for them is the second you just sold yourself to them. It’s the hardest thing to get back after heartbreak. Find yourself, love yourself, respect yourself. Sit with me lets talk…..


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Be a lamp, or a lifeboat, or a ladder. Help someone’s soul heal. Walk out of your house like a shepherd- Rumi

Forgiveness, a hard truth, a painful acceptance, but oh so necessary. What actually is forgiveness? Is it receiving an apology and choosing to forgive the person. Most of the time, NO! It typically comes in the form of being done wrong, receiving no apology, but forgiving anyways for your own growth. It’s taking the higher road. Forgiving and moving on.

I don’t view forgiveness as praying about it, accepting it, giving it and being done with it. I think forgiveness is a daily work in progress. I fully believe you can choose to forgive for that final let go, but have to work at it daily to walk in forgiveness. No matter what’s tossed at you, you still choose to walk upright and in forgiveness. It’s hard to do, especially if there was never an I am sorry in the situation.

Life will hit you daily and takes you back to that victim role. You’ve been handed a deck of cards that you never asked for, but it’s time to play the hell out of them. You’ll probably be continually hurt by the person you choose to forgive, you forever remember the past, but it’s at that time your forgiveness has to be bigger then any pain you feel. You see walking in forgiveness actually has nothing to do with the other persons actions and everything to do with yourself. It’s part of the stepping stones to healing and moving on. It will suck most days. You’ll want to feel like you need to explain yourself in most circumstances. You’re just that type of person that doesn’t like to walk away from people like you’ve given up. At this time you have to realize you’re not giving up on them, but choosing to release whats been done and choosing your self now.

Forgiveness is so hard. I know I fight to choose it daily. I want to go down swinging and explaining everything I did to fight so hard, but there’s always an ending point. There’s always a point where you have to choose the higher road, leave them be and forgive them from your heart.

It’s hard, but it’s freedom. Sit with me, lets talk……

Dear Single Mom…excuse me…Dear Warrior….

Some days she has no idea how she’ll do it, but every single day she gets it done.

4:30 am the alarm rings. Take a deep breath in and a deep breath out. Your insides are screaming NO! You’re not quite sure you actually even fell asleep. Your day is beginning whether you like it or not. You do your count down 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 BAM your feet hit the floor. They hit so hard, you wake up hell and let them know its time to battle.

You bathe and armor up, already fighting the mind running of every list you need to complete today. Your heart races, you start to panic, but you just keep pushing. You stare in the mirror where once a happy woman stood, now its a worn out, broken down, wearing stress on your shoulders and tears in your eyes woman. A woman who looks like she’s aged 10 years. You cover yourself in whatever you can in your make up bag to make yourself look presentable. As you dress, you pick clothing in an order that you think hides everything you are feeling inside.

Exhaustion is all you feel at this point and there’s still a whole day ahead of you.

You wake up kids and everyone is already fighting you. You’re using whatever strength you have in that moment to pull up pants, put on socks, make beds, brush hair, brush teeth, start laundry, make breakfast, take care of dog.

The house is quiet and dark, but is being filled with your constant name yelling to either get up or go eat. You run around the kitchen while you smell the one thing that might just put a smile on your face…your coffee. It sits there to get cold because there’s too much to do. You dump it in a mug, so you can take with you in the car and hope maybe for a minute you can enjoy a second of that pleasure.

You start the military voice of shoes, coats and get in the car all while you are still straightening up, grabbing the kids school stuff, your work stuff and you’ve already broke a sweat. You jump in the car, look at the clock and know how this next 30 minutes will look like. It will look like a crazy woman running in on two wheels trying to drop off kids at school, fight traffic and make it to work on time.

You pull in work, its in these few moments you are either giving yourself a pep talk or you’re wiping your tears and not really wanting to face the day. They say I have depression, shouldn’t that excuse me to lay in my bed all day instead? That heart is still racing. It hasn’t truly stopped since you laid down last night at some point. You flip the visor mirror down, you wipe away your disgust, your heaviness. You take one last deep breath and you open the door.

You start your day with a wall in front of you. Your laughter fills the room. That smile and laugh you have become accustomed to hiding anything going on inside you. You work your ass off. You don’t stop. You go from one client to the next and push through it all. Why? Because they are truly helping you more then they know. Their accomplishments in their workout reminds you that you are exactly where you need to be. They are part of my healing. Their accomplishments send vibes down your spin. You know you got this. You were mean’t for this.

Day ends and its time to start your second shift- home, kids, dinner, clean up, homework, baths, laundry, vacuum, mop, bedtimes. Somewhere in the madness you grab a few bites of cold food. You’re dying to just sit down, but your list keeps you going. Kids are bathing, you steal a minute to wash your face, stare at that woman again in the mirror. That one you don’t know anymore. You sink to the bathroom floor in tears. I can’t do this anymore, you tell yourself. It’s that moment you want to just curl up in a ball and wish it all away. For a few minutes you are battling the voices in your head that tell you You’re not good enough.

Chatter begins to sound closer, so you hurry and dry your tears. You jump up quickly to make it look like you were in there busy doing something. You know your children read your pain. They see your swollen eyes, your short temper, your tears when you turn away. They hear your exhaustion in every demand. They’ve even heard you crying out to God in the night, all while you thought they were safe in their bed asleep. You only pray they know they are so loved despite how you are feeling. That they grow up and know She tried, she never gave up.

The clock ticks. Night is winding down. You tuck each child away in their beds. We say our prayers and in your mind you say an extra prayer for yourself. We hope in that moment of stillness with them that they know mommy is still here, still tender, still so in love with them. You walk back down the stairs and each step is in hardness. Each step reflects every failure, fear, pain you felt that day. You hope your smile overcame that and hid the secrets. You silently say another prayer for God to give you the strength of one more day.

Clock still ticking. Your work is still not complete. Your body aches, your mind races. It’s a cross between running a marathon and being hit by a truck. You know if you stop everything falls apart, so you push yourself a little longer. You post notes on the counter, you make list in your phone and it all still never seems to lessen. It doesn’t matter though, you have 3 innocent hearts counting on you. You are their safety, their protector, their provider and you will do everything you can to never stop pushing the limits as a person, as a mom.

You collapse in your bed and you reflect. You are now your biggest critic. You fill like you failed your job, your life and your children, but in children’s eyes they were fed, dressed, provided a comfortable home and most of all loved. They don’t see your downfalls. They see only their mom. Their warrior who never gave up.

Dear Single Mom, you are doing a good job. You are loved. You are worthy. You are a warrior!

Say a prayer, He hears you. It’s heavy put it down. You’re carrying more then they expect. Close your eyes……There’s just a way that morning carries hope. Sit beside me, lets talk……

Stick and Stones….

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” Raise your words, not voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.” – Rumi

Words, they can heal or they can kill. They can cut like a knife and once said can forever be etched into the heart of anyone. It’s the ones forever embedded in our souls that replay in our heads for years to come.

I have this terrible downfall. A side of me that I constantly have to stay on top of or in a split second I can vomit out words that I know will slice deep. I developed it in the last couple years and I hate every second of every word spoken. I believe it’s a defense mechanism I have developed against people close to me. A protective mode I go into, so that I can be heard through my hurt.

My trust issues are as real as they come. I view everyone that gets to receive my love as someone that will sometime down the road abandon me. I can pretty much pin point why I feel that way, but to explain it only allows me to use it as an excuse and it deserves no recognition other then it’s my own fault if it comes out. I can take a lot, but as soon it builds and builds my theory of Oh yeah, you hurt me and now I am about to make you feel the same hurt comes pouring out of me. It’s ugly. It gets me no where other then just feeling more hurt because now I am hurting for the person I just let loose on.

We have complete control over our reactions to people, but as soon as you lose the control you’ve just given the power to the problem. I am learning through experience that not everything deserves a reaction from me no matter what I am feeling. I often say Silence is Golden and there couldn’t be any truer statement. It’s hard to do, but necessary in many circumstances.

I can say this with complete confidence that condemnation from a person towards you is only a reflection of what is going on internally in them. How can I say that? Well, because when I have spewed hateful things I know for a fact it reveals what I am feeling inside. What if instead we showed kindness in times we would rather rip out our hearts and place in the hands of the person who broke it? What if we stopped ourselves in our tracks and asked What can I do for you to change this between us instead of You did this, You caused this, You hurt me, you…you…you? We need to sometimes just close our mouths, open our ears and listen. That person may already be hurting just as bad as you in that moment and does not know how to express it to you.

Love on someone today!