This Is How This Is Going To Go…

Photo by João Cabral on

You are going to hurt like hell

So one day you can fully embrace happiness.

You are going to lose it all – friends, love, material things, everything

So whats meant to be, has room to attach to a welcoming soul.

You are going to cry, cry like you have never cried before, so hard you can’t breathe

So when that smile comes, it lights up every room you walk in.

You are going to sit alone, in your emotions, in your mess for a very long time

So in time, you finally realize what self love is really all about.

You are going to be brought to your knees, then to rock bottom

So one day when you are at the top, you’ll extend grace to others.

You are going to make some terrible decisions, decisions that make you appear crazy to some

So one day you will never place yourself in situations where you feel out of control.

You are going to feel unloved, unwanted and unworthy

So one day you will stop freely handing out every ounce of your being to just anyone.

You are going to experience all of this to its fullest extent and you are going to want to give up

So that one day you will look back and see just how strong you truly are.

So this is how it’s going to go. Welcome it, feel it and then release it. It is all very heavy and no longer yours to carry. After all, your strongest people were once found face down on their bathroom floor in a puddle of tears gripping onto life by a thread. This is your time to fail and then rise again. Strength and success comes to those that choose to put in the work. Now go work your ass off, your best life awaits you…..

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