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Be a lamp, or a lifeboat, or a ladder. Help someone’s soul heal. Walk out of your house like a shepherd- Rumi

Forgiveness, a hard truth, a painful acceptance, but oh so necessary. What actually is forgiveness? Is it receiving an apology and choosing to forgive the person. Most of the time, NO! It typically comes in the form of being done wrong, receiving no apology, but forgiving anyways for your own growth. It’s taking the higher road. Forgiving and moving on.

I don’t view forgiveness as praying about it, accepting it, giving it and being done with it. I think forgiveness is a daily work in progress. I fully believe you can choose to forgive for that final let go, but have to work at it daily to walk in forgiveness. No matter what’s tossed at you, you still choose to walk upright and in forgiveness. It’s hard to do, especially if there was never an I am sorry in the situation.

Life will hit you daily and takes you back to that victim role. You’ve been handed a deck of cards that you never asked for, but it’s time to play the hell out of them. You’ll probably be continually hurt by the person you choose to forgive, you forever remember the past, but it’s at that time your forgiveness has to be bigger then any pain you feel. You see walking in forgiveness actually has nothing to do with the other persons actions and everything to do with yourself. It’s part of the stepping stones to healing and moving on. It will suck most days. You’ll want to feel like you need to explain yourself in most circumstances. You’re just that type of person that doesn’t like to walk away from people like you’ve given up. At this time you have to realize you’re not giving up on them, but choosing to release whats been done and choosing your self now.

Forgiveness is so hard. I know I fight to choose it daily. I want to go down swinging and explaining everything I did to fight so hard, but there’s always an ending point. There’s always a point where you have to choose the higher road, leave them be and forgive them from your heart.

It’s hard, but it’s freedom. Sit with me, lets talk……

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